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Good evening everyone


I am quite new to the forum, but not to Faire.  My wife and I will be visiting CRF this weekend (Saturday only) and are much looking forward to it.  We will arrive in Huntersville Friday night and leave Sunday.  Aside from the Faire, are there any local things to take in? I hope to catch a few of the local craft breweries while up there.  Any good suggestions for dinner Friday night? This will be our 4th time to CRF I believe, our first time being 2006. Would love to meet some of you if there is time.

James & his Lady Kimberly.

I apologise for not seeing this sooner my lord, but there be many a fine eatery in the area of the faire. We have some of the best Italian cuisine and all the home town comforts that you're accustomed too as well. Tony's makes wonderful Italian food! (located in Huntersville, Mooresville, and Charlotte)

See thee around!


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