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Looking For Faire Info To Put On My Website


Good day.  I’d like for people to be able to use my website (www.meistersrealm.com) to find out information on faires across this great nation. That way, they can contact you to be in your event or be able to find what things they can expect to see and hear there.

Could you please send me your website, dates, a few expected performers, number of booths, last year's attendance if you wish and your contact e-mail/phone?  I'll put them on my site.  Grammercy.

By the way, there is no cost to do this.  You can message me via the forums or at craig@meistersrealm.com

Good day.  Check out www.meistersrealm.com for information on nearly every Renaissance & Scottish type festival in the U.S.  Taking a trip somewhere?  Check the Realm to see if there's a fest near your destination.


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