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Dan and I are planning our wedding for the fall of 2009, and while it is not going to be strictly period I have been looking at period, and period inspired wedding dresses.  So far I have not found much that is strictly wedding, and even less which has been garb which will customize to be wedding appropriate.  Unfortunately most of what I have found has been mostly medieval, or not particularly professional looking.  What I have run across is a place called Kathryn and Alexandra, and of course there is also custom Moresca. 

Does anyone have advice on other places to look, or any experience with the places I have mentioned, or getting custom garb through Moresca?

Thanks in advance!!

You guys are getting married??? Why am I always the last to know.
Congrats lass ... and Dan to ... I guess.
You two are awesome and not to worry, I will lend Dan a pair of my socks  ;D

As for a gown, the ren faire weddings are always great. My advice would be to get something that can be used again ... and again ... and again! Wait, not as a wedding gown mind you (you should only marry once) but as faire garb at a later date.

*Kind of like the Elvis outfit I got married in  ;)*

There are lots of places out there that do custom garb--Very Merry, Stimpzilla's, Arcane Lore, Yosa, or Faireware.

Are you saying you can't find garb that's wedding appropriate because its not white?  All of the above do custom dresses and can do their gowns in white.  Or are you looking for something more budget friendly?

May I also suggest going to the Renaissance & Medieval Wedding board and looking around in the For the Bride section.

Oh...and congratulations! :D

Well, firstly...CONGRATULATIONS!!

I'm getting married next month {!!!} and had my gown made by and Nicki was very accommodating in terms of working with me and my choice of colors and fabrics. You can see the gown that she made for me here :   

Although it definitely doesn't scream out "Wedding Gown" it's perfect for me {I'm getting married at Faire}, the construction is solid and definitely professional. Also, the gown was made to my measurements, so it's a perfect fit.  She does have other designs and fabrics that are more "wedding-y" if that is what you're going for in terms of being "wedding appropriate".

I don't want to seem like I'm "advertising' for a particular vendor, but I am thrilled with my gown and just can't say enough good things about FaireFinery.

I hope this helps, and again - CONGRATS!


Lady Renee Buchanan:
There have been a number of forum members, including myself, who have been extremely delighted to work with Lady Kathleen of Olmsted whose attention to detail is outstanding. 

If you look at her profile, there is a link where you will see garb she has made for others, including wedding ensembles.

Since other companies have been mentioned, I thought it would not be overstepping boundaries to mention her.


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