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Amras Elfwine:
Dedicated to Lord A., and all the old timers here who loved him so.

When last we left our heroes, things were looking dark...

The cell was still cold, hard, wet and dark, but at least he was loose now...the squirrel had finally managed to chew throught he bonds, and now at least Amras could rub some feeling back into his limbs.

And then...
Amras heard the voice again...singing the old song...but it couldn't be...she was long gone...

"Underneath the silk of a shroomie bud tree
Stood a pixie and a half-elf and and little faerie
But the Pixie he got drunk, and smelled just like a skunk
And the half-elf and the faerie they rowed right out to sea"

The voice was sweet and soft...just like the sister that Amras had not seen in an eternity.
It couldn't be...

Lady Amy of York:
Beautiful Amras !  What a lovely dedication.

Thankyou for getting the story forum back up.   :)

Amras Elfwine:
*Decades ago, before the first, lost chapters of this story were written*

It was dark when the raiders came...they always came at night, the better to hide their sneaking and cowardice...Lord Elfwine the Elder had long defied Balor, the better to serve as an example to his children, brilliant daughter Lolly and strong son Amras...

It was just before dawn when the torch light on the stone wallls woke Amras...he heard the shouts and cries...many men on horses, the clanging of swords, and later, the crackling of flames...the young half-elf drew his falchion as he sprang through his door, into the crowd of friend and foe who fought in the keep hallways...

"Where is Lolly?" thought Amras, his short falchion a blur before him' He and his sister were both warriors, she by far the better with the sword. Not seeing the large orcish swordman behind him, Amras fell as the hilt of its rough-rended sword connected with the back of his head.

Later in the afternoon, Amras came to, sore and swollen, in his room, healers around him.

Lolly was gone, taken by Balor's henchers...

Amras Elfwine:
Amras still could not see from his left eye...

Cold it was, and the voice was coming clearer when he heard the singing...he began to take stock of things...just a small pot, a wooden spoon with which he ate the thin gruel they brought...dressed in a leather loin cloth only, doing little to keep the cold dampness from him..."oh, for a good, warm length of wool with which to kilt m'self,"he thought through the fog.

It was time to take control again...Amras started to stretch, the slow, dance-like exercises he had oft done with Radha...and the slow, methodical pussing against the floor, feeling the strength slowly return to his arms and legs...pacing back and forth, like the wolf in his cage...or a squirrel, Amras smiled...they had left him his memories...

The guards were coming less and less often, now, as if they had forgotten about him...

"I'd better act soon."

Amras Elfwine:
The fae were set...Trillium had set her Flying Faerie Force about the Queen's positions as a guard force...there was no way Balor's magic could penetrate their ring, even if it had been reacting squirrely at the lights coming from the fortress...she sighed at the word "squirrely"...were was Am? It had been so long...


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