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Rowan MacD:
 June 7-8 2014
  If they hold the games again this year, we will be setting up two clan tents representing Cochrane and Davidson.

Rowan MacD:
  A delightful little faire running just one weekend June 6-7 at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds.  The village is Shrewsbury, and Queen Elizabeth herself is holding court!
     Along with the Eastern South Dakota Scottish Athletes association;  we will be representing clans Davidson and Cochrane this year at the membership tents.
    Games coordinator informs us that there will be 3 other clans there this time.  We will be relocating somewhere in the fairgrounds that is more accessible (and visible) to the public than we were last year. Even though we were right next to the equestrian barn where the joust was; we were out of sight around the corner, and people didn't know we were there.     
   Admission to the games is free, but you do have to pay the gate for the ren faire to see them.   
  These games are the real deal folks; not just a demo.
  The athletes are competing for rank and prizes in sheaf toss,  caber toss, stone  and hammer throw.    The public is welcome to watch the competition, and we have bleachers and seating.   

Rowan MacD:
  Packing to head up north to Siouxland Ren Fest.  Chance of rain Saturday then sunny and 70 Sunday!

Well?  How was it?

Rowan MacD:
  Sorry, I spent yesterday getting the truck unpacked, not much computer time.
  Saturday had pleasant temps but cloudy, with the usual squalls interspersed with dry weather typical Siouxland weekend, which does not faze the patrons. They were there in droves. Even the outside stages were standing room only.  I missed the Cirque d' Sewer again..Rats! I saw Tink numerous times.
  Queen Elizabeth  and her court were numerous and well dressed; something I love to see.
   It was a gorgeous day until about 4pm on Sunday, the rain held off until about 30 minutes before closing gate-Great for the patrons, but the tents (and ourselves) got wet.   However, we won best Clan tent. (huzzah).
   The professional scored part of the Celtic Games were held on Saturday (yes, it was a real meet with scoring to move up in the National brackets) and though you could watch the athletes, the competition was not open to public participation.  They had good crowds for the Caber and hammer throw, and the cheering was noisy.
 The amateur 'Gauntlet' was held Sunday, and served double duty, in that the regional heavy games Athletic assn, was also recruiting new athletes and members.  One of the Queen's Guards was granted permission to try the gauntlet.   It was a bit much for him ^_^.


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