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Siouxland Renaissance Festival 2014

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Congrats on winning Best Clan Tent.  What did you guys wear?

Rowan MacD:
  Modern Kilt and Clan shirt for David, and Ren upper middle class Celtic dress for myself, with a plaid sash.  I wore a black snood with a plaid tam and pearl earrings.
   We would have really loved to play with the Royal court, but we had to deal with 2 tents and setting up/ tear down.  No way to do that in Noble garb.

edit: I was asked a couple of times where I had my embroidered shirt done-Threads of Time.   
 It is 100% cotton, has full sleeves, fitted upright collar and cuffs embroidered with green silk thistles. IMHO it was worth the $130.00.  the blouse + maximum embroidery options.  Very comfortable and elegant looking.
http://www.threadsoftime.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TOT&Product_Code=TudorRose&Category_Code=LA-CO-CHEMISE...you have to specifically ask for the thistle design...


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