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Thinking of Covering a Bodice in Flowers.

Started by elthefairy, January 03, 2014, 02:26:18 PM

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I have a "bodice" which I  got off etsy for $15. It's pretty crappy. My garb looks nice, but to add some fae flair, I'm thinking about painting roses and other flowers on it (my character is a rose fairy) and accenting with gold glitter or metallic paint. Does this sound good to anyone? Anyone have any advice for painting coutil?


I haven't painted coutil, but I have garbed many a fae... What I did was raid the dollar store for flowers and stitch them right onto the bodice - which added a 3 d effect, and allowed me to change it in the future! (Also, I don't paint so well, so it ensured that my flowers looked like flowers!)
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I'm with Orphena- I can't paint very well but I've sewn flowers on garb!  =)  I'd say, go ahead and hand paint and if you don't like how it turns out you can always sew over it!  =)
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