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Johnny Stache be my tag But I am JohnO of Chutney!
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:39:49 PM »
JohnO of Chutney. Son of Reginald Duke of Chutney and Merida,oldest daughter of the Chief of Sull Scurry. He(my father) did take arms and went on campaign with the Earl of Pembroke (Strongbow) and there did take as a wife me mother. Partly by force and partly by agreement he did take her back to England, where I was born. Upon the rise of Richard to the throne of England and thus a call for a third crusade I did flee,being in short and sweet layman's terms a lover not a fighter. I forsook Chutney, as well as my claim to the Dukedom and all other titles and privilages attached therein.  Since I hath been amongst and around the goodly people of Nottingham shire and sherwood, continuing my eternal quest for wine,women and song! -Fin
"I'm a rambler I'm a gambler, I'm a long way from home, and them that don't like me can leave me alone. I'll eat when I'm hungry, I'll drink when I'm dry, and if the Loki don't kill me, I'll live till I die!!"

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Re: Johnny Stache be my tag But I am JohnO of Chutney!
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Well then, you know exactly who your persona is.   :)
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