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Lady Renee Buchanan:
Does this faire have a Friends of Faire garden?  If so, does it offer day memberships to guests?  I read some reviews about the faire and one of the most frequent comments was that it's hot and you need to constantly hydrate.  Is there a place to get water anywhere on the grounds?  Do you have to buy bottles of water whenever you want a drink?

At our faire, you can join the Friends of Faire for a day and get free ice water and gatorade.  When we went to Oklahoma, all of the pubs had huge picnic jugs (the kind with a spout) on the end of the bar, where you could fill your mug.

Also, are there flushes?    ;D

Capt Gabriela Fullpepper:
Hot? Compared to CoRF this is nothing. 70 - 80 typically. Granted the sun does beat down and as always you must hydrate

Unfortunately no FoF garden, but we do have flushes!


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