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Amras Elfwine:
My Queen, I can pronounce, after extended recon and patrol, that the boders to your east are secure, free from scourge, evil, and bad-nasty-peeps...

It was wonderful to see you at Scarby, along with the other members of our court.

I will use this space to keep you updated of this little sector of the realm.

Courlty HUGS!

Your Humble Amras

Amras Elfwine:
All quiet here in the East, good soveriegn...if you can call an evening drinking good scotch whisky with Scotsman and Lady Guiness quiet...a fine, fair evening with faire friends is always special. Would that you had been with us....

Going on an extended dismounted patrol of sectors to my south in the morning. I will report in...though we are past prime peep season, one never knows...

Amras Elfwine:
Just in from a brisk 15K patrol around the trails on Ft. Meade...a grand, cool morning for it...the orchestra for my hiking soundtrack this morning consisted of the following: cardinals, wrens, sparrows, robins, red-winged black birds, ravens, several red-tailed hawks, the occasional jay, ground squirrels (of course) in grey, black and brown, dozens of chipmunks, cotton-tail was a spring-themed good to be alive and in the fresh air...

No signs of peep activity. Thats what we call a "Negative Situation Report", (or SITREP).

Love to all!!

Queen Bonnie:
 Grammercy Amras for your help in my Realm! I do appreciate it. I was away at Scarby this lasy weekend recruiting new members of Foktop! Kill the Peeps!
Glad to hear the Eastern Ridings are free from Evil Peeps!  Hugs! Twas grand to see you and your lady and friends at Scarby!
 I have just returned from there and busy catching up!
 I was so pleased, happy and surprised to see my realm is back again! Tears of joy are spewing forth!
 This is a wonderous place!

Amras Elfwine:
Just back from a patrol up north, in the province known as "Pennsylvania", enemy activity to report...had many good weissen beers at a German-themed inn named "Otto's", in Willow Grove...the locals are all very friendly... 8)


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