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Renaissance Festival Podcast #98 - New Music Special
« on: August 11, 2008, 05:40:21 AM »
Renaissance Festival Podcast #98 - New Music Special


Kristen Roger

Marc Gunn

      Music from the Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings, Hawke, Kevin Tyler (Connor Savage), TomLori, Maidens IV, Marc Gunn, Merry Measure, Merry Mischief, Minstrel Woode, Porter & Stout, Scott Boswell, The Bringers, The Rumrunners, Wicked Tinkers, Jack Salt, and Albannach

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Music  *Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings, "Dana McDaniel's Whiskey Emporium" from No Bedrolls Or Backpacks

*Hawke, "Lady in Black" from Out Of The Nest

*Kevin Tyler (Connor Savage), "Black is the Color" from Songs Of The Savage

*TomLori, "Wild Rover" from A-Beggin'

*Maidens IV, "Four In The Heartland" from Emerald Fire

*Marc Gunn, "Botany Bay" from Going for Brogue

*Merry Measure, "John Barleycorn_Aver the Waterfall" from Faire Warning

*Merry Mischief, "High Barbary" from ScallyWags

*Minstrel Woode, "Paddy Murphy" from Unnamed CD

*Porter & Stout, "Haul Away Joe" from Treasures

*Scott Boswell, "The Copper Dragon" from Thistle

*The Bringers, "Banish Misfortune" from Ramblers and Rovers

*The Rumrunners, "The Pirate and The Ninja" from Got Rum

*Wicked Tinkers, "MacFarlane's Lantern" from Rant

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Music Challenge

In every podcast, we highlight two songs. You get to vote for your favorite of those two songs. The winner is featured in the next podcast. If a band wins two times in a row, then we'll be playing a new song from the same band.

The Current Champ

*Jack Salt & The Captain's Daughter "Paddy West" from Bring Us a Barrel

The Challenger

*Albannach, "Rampant's Revenge" from Eye of the Storm

Marc Gunn and Lorella Loftus reading "The Faire is Over"


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