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Amras Elfwine:
Subject to the approval of Her Most Royal and Magical Highness, Bonnie, I do sincerely tender this deliniation of her court as it stands today. Further, I humbly beseech all members of this fine forum to forgive anything I've overlooked, and to please list in this forum any necessary corrections, which I will then transfer to this record.

On the 6th of December, 2004, Bonnie reluctantly accepted, upon the nomination of this forum, the title and position of Queen of Everything. Her platform was simple - free ren faires for life for all, and plenty of single malt to go along with it. It was suggested that the oath written in support of the "Between Faire Time" subject matter of the thread be used as the court oath. That oath follows:

Everyday, I shall live in the spirit of ren.
Everyday, I shall take my job seriously, but not myself while I do it.
Everyday, I shall relax.
Everyday, I shall love those who love me.
Everyday, I shall find some pleasure in life.

The Royal Court now stands as follows (presented in the chronological order of the appointment):

With special thanks to:
John - Neon John, Knight of Everything, our Royal Host (its a long tale...)

Deadbishop - our other Royal Host and Site Admin -  Prince of Pirates (with a really big hat), Foolish Questor, Royal Bodice Ripper, Commander of the Ferret Brigade, Royal College of Heralds, Bard of the Court, Apprentice to Royal Scribe, Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque, Royal Skull and Bones IC, Royal Pyrate Inquisitor, Duke of Debauchery; The Original Debaucheteer

The Glenlivet Queendom

Bonnie - Bonnie the First, Her Most Royal and Magical Queen of Everything, Glenlivet Party Founder, Bard of the Court

Badra - Duchess of Parties

Botch - Count of Crabs

Riot - Minister of Mischief, Debaucherette

Lord Ambrosius - Royal Consort and Potion Master, Minister of Magick, Royal Bodice Lacer, Bard of the Court

Amras Elfwine - Lord of the Squirrels, Rock of the R/F Realm, First Companion to the Queen, Defender of the Eastern Border Ridings, Foolish Questor, Bard of the Court, Royal Scribe, Queen's Privateer, sailing under letter of Marque, Order of Merlinus IC, Landshark #2

WillinSole - Court Jester

TheShyOne - Ambassador to Renn Folk Under 18, Royal Arbiter of Silly Questions

Wilhelm - Lord High Executioner

Flidais - Royal Bard, Poet and Otherworld Traveler, Head of the Bards' Guild, Leader of the Order of Boadiceans

Trillium - Distribution Mistress of Fae Dust, Ambassador to the Fae Realms, Order of Boadiceans

Briaer - Ambassador to the Fae Realms

Starsust Lyonstone - Ambassador to the Fae Realms

Calith - Ambassador to the Elven Realms, Captain - First Order of the Phoenix, Knight Commander of Squirrels, Afterworld Scout, Royal Elvish Translator, Elvish Language Master, Defender of the Fae, Bard of the Court, Order of Merlinus IC

DuCouer - Royal Coutier of Wit and Whimsey

Cuthbert - Chancelor of Perversion

Midnightferret - Mistress of Mayhem and Daylight Raids, Court Navigator, Keeper of the Royal Ferrets

Var Greyshadow - Queen's Champion, Knight Commander of Squirrels, Peep Slayer, Order of Boadiceans

Tybalt - The Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque, Foolish Questor, Royal College of Heralds

Athena - The Queen's Lady in Lacing, Bard of the Court, Debaucherette, Royal Order of Sandwenches

Mischka - Mistress of the Hunt, Royal Huntress and Corseted Pirate Ranger, Ambassador to Otherworlds, Debaucherette

LadyAlexandria - Royal Physician and Midwife, Keeper of the Wee Ones

Gracefulcarrie - Countess of Courting, Bard of the Court, Debaucherette

Lady Nicollette - Sheperdess of Musicians and Hounds, Mistress of Obscure Musics, Bard of the Court, Queen's Advisor and Companion, 'Ette - Royal Order of Sandwenches

FaireMare - Handmaiden to the Queen, Royal Daydream Advisor, Court Wise Woman on Health Matters, Bard of the Court, Order of the Stitch Witch IC

Captain Morgan - Royal Liason to the Assassins' Guild, Royal Healer and Masseuse, Bard of the Court, Order of Boadiceans, Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque

Amante De Espadas - Mistress of Swords, Queen's Royal Chocolatier, Countess of the Kitchen, Bard of the Court

Bertold_03 - Ambassador to the Tennessee Ren Fest, Royal Advisor to the Queen on Appalachian Inelligence, Bard of the Court

Sir Jess, Lady Knight - First Dame to the Queen, Royal Trainer of Squires, Bard of the Court, Court Rogue, Mage of the Court, Debaucherette

appljx - Bard of the Court, Debaucherette, Royal Rum Taster

CaptDare - Royal Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque

Lord Cyrix- Bard of the Court

Pirate Joe Bear - Royal Lord of Bears, Ursae Major and Minor, Royal Brewer, Deputy Potion Master, Commodore of Jewish Pirates, Royal Rum Taster

Nicia - Mistress of Steeds and Noble Mounts and Keeper of the Royal Stables

CaptSpleen - High Constable of Security, Cryptic Keeper of the Gate, The Designate Dungeon Master of Derringdo, Queens's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque

Nyteshayde - Keeper of All Things Shiny and Sparkly, Bard of the Court, Debaucherette

Firemage Rylie - Keeper of the Flame and Master of the Fire Magics, Royal Hottie, Debaucherette

Mudgrubber - Royal Plankmaster and Flogger

Denise - Mistress of Mystery and Mayhem

Draconian Storm Mage - Royal Weather Wizard and Storm Whipper

Molly the Drunk - Lucious Lush of the Kingdom, Village Drunk, Royal Guardian of Libations and Keeper of the Guinness, Royal Stout, Ale, and Cordial Taster, Debaucherette, Bard of the Court, Ambassador to AZRF, Defender of the Royal Bunny Slippers, Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque, Order of Merlinus IC

Th1beauty - Royal Mistress of Pinches, Debaucherette

Valknut - Backyard Heretic, Debauchateer

Viola - Ambassador to the Oread Realms, Royal Hors d'oeuvre Chef, Order of Boadiceans, Debaucherette

Captain Bacardi - Royal Keeper of the Rum and Ale, Debaucheteer, Queens's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque, Royal Pilot

FortuneRose - Mistress of Beauty, Grace and Love, Debaucherette, Lady in Waiting, Keeper of the Royal Jewels, 1/2 of Lunatic Ladies of Velvet Weight

SyRilla - Royal Costumer

Lady Alinor - Lady of Maypole Madness

Escherblacksmith - Royal Blacksmith, Maker of Manacles

Fairyfly - Royal Poet and Temptress, Debaucherette, 'EtteMum to the Ettes and Teers, Ryl Instigator

KingJaguar - Debaucheteer

Lady Katherine - Royal Lady in Waiting, Fashionista

Angel Hapisac - Plight Mistress, Debaucherette

Catalina - Trainer of Royal Steeds

Sir Conall - Royal Rat Pucker and Rogue

Jmkhalfmoon - Artist of the Court, Painter of Pretties

Jess_Devyne - Debaucherette, Royal Ale Wench

tblade - Debaucheteer

NaughtyMage - Debaucheteer

Rumkiller - Countess of Parties and Festival Organization, Debaucherette, Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque

Sean Daniels - The Original Romanceteer, Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque

Sir Richard - Lord of the Chocolates, (SXUL Chocolates...and there was much rejoicing...)

Charles of Shadowwolf - Captain of the Royal Guard

Captain Black Bonnie Mac Fearsom - The Queen's evil twin, sailing under Letter of Marque

Puss in Heels - Queen's Privateer, sailing under Letter of Marque, Countess of Catnip, Debaucherette IC, Royal Kilt Inspector

Marquise De Marteuil - Debaucherette

Escarlata - Debaucherette, Apprentice Spell Slinger, Purveyor of Cherries, Connoissuer of Stems

Rellspire - Debaucherette

Tremayne - People's Poet, Mistress of Change, Royal Harridan, Royal Order of the Gadfly IC

Tsianni the Gypsy - Court Dancer, Royal Reminder

Pygmypony - Mage of the Magic Box

Watchful Eye - Forum Guardian, Eye in the Sky

Lady Jessica - Illuminator to Her Majesty, Royal Timekeeper and Countdown Advisor, Scribe to Clan McShuggenah

Frederic - Purveyor to the Queen, Merchant of Hansa

Lady Orphena - 1/2 of Lunatic Ladies of Velvet Weight, Royal Ambassador to the Mer folk

Welsh Wench - Royal Keeper of the Hopelessly Knotted Bodice Lacings, , Debaucherette, Royal Wench Tutor, Royal Order of Sandwenches

Festmum - Island 'Ette, Royal Order of Sandwenches

Lodovigo - Royal Fae Charmer

KateXXXXX - UK Ambassador, Royal Chef

Lord Figaro - Opera Singer to the Court

Elinor Hakebourne - Bard of the Royal Court

Anne Boleyn - Marquess of Pembroke

Violetrose - Royal Coffee Wench

Chiasmus - Countess of Clothespins

CloverPogue - Royal Irish Pub Wench and Pirate, Collector of Teddy Bears

Shadehawk, Raven - Royal Pub Pirate

Exiled Mage - Royal HawkBrother Mage, Protector of the Enchanted Forest

PyroMaster - Royal Prince of Pyrotechnics

Divapixie - Court Harem Mistress, Royal Torch Singer

Cardinal Hathaway - Superior General of the Order of Her Majesty Queen Bonnie

Lady Renee Buchanan - Keeper of the Queen's Surfboards, Royal Road Rage Repair Wizard, 'Ette - Royal Order of Sandwenches
Taffy Saltwater - Founder, The Royal Order of Landsharks (We're privateers who've looked at 40, are happiest at sea and dangerous on land, whose official music keeper is Jimmy of Buffett), Landshark #1

Fluffy Tail - Royal Wine Taster, Assistant Tinker #2

Lady Ann of Draycott - Lady of Roses, Provider of Roses to Her Majesty

Lady Mikayla of Phonecia - Supreme Duchess of flirting

The Old Tinker and his Belle - Gems of the Royal Court, Royal Tinker, Royal Liaison of Military Communications, Advisor to General Jarhead, Humble servant to thee Crown

MacLaren - Earl of Debauchery, High Dragonslayer, General of Finding and Causing Trouble, Royal Protector of Endangered Dragons

Dustin, Oliver of Crippengate - Royal Theater Master, Royal Order of Landsharks Guppy #82, Royal Lifeguard

Element of Air - Royal Duchess of Air, Music and Beauty

Rani Zamirah - Wandering Gypsy Drabarni, Royal Kilt Collector

Brother Thomas - Superior General of the Order of Queen Bonnie

Countess of Phoenix - Bard of the Court

Mistress Charlotte - Keeper of Disguises and Registrar of Amimagi

Visconte Vincente - Royal Wine Tester

Sir Jarrick Rafe - Knight of the Realm

Queen of Navarre - Keeper of the Hairless Cats, Artist of the Crescent Moon

PurpleDragon - Royal Purple Dragon Liaison to the Dragon Kingdom

Lady De La Warr - Royal Jewel Inspector

Lord Jarhead - General of FOKTOP, Debaucheteer

Count Adolfo - Minister of Anti-Peep Propaganda

EloquentXI - Royal Court Cutie and Mistress of the Magic Box

Anne of Oaktower - Royal Protector of Chipmunks

BoomBoom - Royal Maker of Pastries and Cakes

Jean Pierre Dewell - Royal Musketeer and Protector

Blue66669, Mistress Brimstone Blue - Warrior Pyrate Empress, Keeper of the Northern Fires, Protector of the Land of Kings. 'Ette - Royal Order of Sandwenches

Capt Rumbeard - Royal Master of Sail

Tammy - Royal Protector of Raccoons

Lady Ashlyn - Royal Herbalist, Planter of Magical Flora

Lady Amy of York - Royal Caretaker of Steeds

Three of Queen Bonnie's Knights - Deadbishop, Tybalt and Amras Elfwine - have been tasked by Her Majesty as "Profoundly Foolish Questors of Idiotic Proportions."

Further, on January 5th, 2005, Deadbishop put forth the idea and coined the term "Debaucheteers", and along with The Cardinal de Baucheret and Duke Drago de Baucheret, have organized into "The Three Debauchateers," the great triumvirate of debauchery in the land...

On the 6th of April, 2005, The Debaucheteers did establish the Order of Debaucherettes, and designated Mischka, GracefulCarrie, Nyteshade and Appljx as Charter Members of that order.

On the 16th of May, 2005, The Queen established the Order of Boadiceans, a female warrior honor society, to be lead by Flidais, with Flidais, Captain Morgan, Trillium, Var Greyshadow and Viola as Charter Members.

June, 2008 - The Queen has established the Royal Order of Sandwenches, featuring the great trio of beachside wenching, Welsh Wench, Athena and Festmum.

Hail to the Court, and long live the Queen! Huzzah!!

To honor those members of Court who have passed to the Gray Havens, this Hall of Immortals is hereby established, that we may always remember them with love, in the spirit of ren.

Hall of Immortals - Their spirits shall live in our hearts forever.

Lord Ambrosius - Royal Consort and Potion Master, Minister of Magick, Royal Bodice Lacer, Bard of the Court.
Lord A. beloved by all and missed, shall ever be with us at faire. He is our Gatekeeper in the Gray Havens, and will greet us all when that day comes...Lord A, keep the ale cold for us! We love you!!

Sir Dragon - Captain Mendoza, Ron, his special light will be missed by all here in Maryland. Known for his warmth, his humor, the amazing garb made by his own hand, and his love for his wife, Lady Gloriana, his spirit will always be there with us in the rustle of the leaves in Revel Grove. May our lead lines and compasses be as true as yours, Ron, so that we may join you one day! We love you!

Amras Elfwine:
As you can see, DB was able to save quite a bit...quite a few names are missing, or, out on Crusade, as I think of, as before, if you would like to become a member of the Court of Glenlivet, or, if you were a member and are not currently listed, please petition the Queen with your request, and we shall update the Court Lists asap...

Your Humble Scribe

Thank you for posting this, Amras.  I felt it only fitting that you should be the one to revive the Courtly Matters.


Taffy Saltwater:
QB, may I suggest The Royal Order of Landsharks.  We're privateers who've looked at 40, are happiest at sea and dangerous on land, whose official music keeper is Jimmy of Buffett.  If agreed, I humbly suggest this messenger be appointed Landshark No. 1.  Have a great weekend - see your evil twin next Saturday?

Woohoo!!!!  The court made it onto the raft!!!


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