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Courtly Matters

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Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
Dear Queen Bonnie,

I have sent you petition and eagerly await thine's reply...

your most humble,

Lady M

Dearest Queen,
I too would like consideration as an appointee to thy court Without our "Trip to the Dragon's Cave" epic to pen{or is that key?} I seem somewhat lost! But I hope to return to our journey and the quest we all seek to complete.

                                                                    Countess of Phoenix

Lady Ann of Draycott:
Your Highness Queen Bonnie,

I humbly request an official appointment to your court as The Lady of Roses, Royal Provider of Roses to the Queen.

Thank you most kindly for your consideration,

Lady Ann of Draycott

fluffy tail:
Dear Queen Bonnie,

May I humbly request an offical appointment of Royal Wine Taster and assistant Tinker #2 for Ol Tinker and Belle.

Fluffy Tail

Queen Bonnie:
  I have been away at Scarby- just catching up! I am so pleased to see Courtly Matters has been revived. Grammercy Dear Amras.
 Fluffy Tail your position shall be restored to you. Old Tinker and I could not do without your services! Huzzah!
 Lady Ann of Draycott!  Lady of Roses will suit you well! Grammercy! My favorites are yellow and  orangy copper colored ones-! Huzzah!
Lady Mikayla of Phonecia, I am pleased to grant you the title of Supreme Duchess of flirting!  Perhaps I need a few lessons? Huzzah!
I do think the Royal Order of Land Sharks is a good idea, Taffy Saltwater!  Indeed my evil and nefarious Twin Sister the Dread Capt Black Bonnie Mac Fearsom will be visiting Scarby next weekend.  I am off to secure the silverware and my jewels  before she comes!


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