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Started by Kate, January 30, 2014, 12:38:08 PM

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We are a little over a month away (can you believe it?!?!) and are trying to get numbers together. Please reply here if you are a definite or a definite maybe!

Iain Robb and Julie
Chuck'n and Pin'n
Pharmar Greybeard & Maria
Peddlin and Guard'n
Shadow Wraith
William of Ware

Pink'n Penny

iain robb

My wife, Julie, and I are definitely coming!


Chuck'n and Pin'n will be there.
IWG# 3681
ROL #101

Pharmar Greybeard & Maria

We will be there. Flying in Friday around noon.

Lairde Guardn

Lairde Guard'n
Lairde Highe Chieftain Emeritus
Irish Penny Brigade
Rogue, Teer, Otter
Landshark, Bard, DG, RFC
15.8% FaireFolk pure, 84.2% FaireFolk corrupt


I'll be there at least the 15th, maybe the 16th as well! I cannot wait!

William of Ware

William of Ware
Ren Merc 616
6JR81  Jolly Roger DX Group

iain robb

Quote from: William of Ware on February 17, 2014, 06:32:28 PM
Please add me to the list!

Huzzah! 'Twill be good to have you in our village again, William!

Merlin the Elder

He'll just stir up trouble, Iain...  ;D
Living life in the slow lane
ROoL #116; the Jack of Daniels; AARP #7; SS# 000-00-0013
I've upped my standards. Now, up yours.
...and may all your babies be born naked...

iain robb

Lady DArbanville

Obviously I will be there!  Can't wait to see everyone.
The Irish Penny Brigade
Beer'n of the Clan O'Ceallaig
Special Projects

Lady Isabelle D'Arbanville,
Privateer, First Lady of the Harbinger
IFRP #1205. Tampa Bay

Wench, IWG #3510, Local 21
Tampa Bay

Larien Telemnar of Laughlorien