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Barely Balanced

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Lady Tess:
Does anybody know if they will be at the faire next year? They were there last year and I think they're AWESOME!

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
I think they were at CRF last year.

Lady Tess:
Barely Balanced was not at CRF last year. Exentrik was.

Barely Balanced is Cameron, Dreagn & Casey. Exentrik is two young guys, don't remember their names.

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
Oy thank thee Lady Tess, I get around you know!   ::)  to Faires that is, lots and lots of Faires!  heehee

Lady Tess:
I wish I could go to more Renaissance Festivals.

I've been to The Carolina Renaissance Festival since I was 15. I've been to The Georgia Renaissance Festival three or four weekends and The Carolina Renaissance Festival twice.

My uncle lives in Arizona. I would LOVE to stay with his family for a weekend to go to The Renaissance Festival there.


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