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At the risk of being pragmatic- Worth the cost?


At the risk of being pragmatic-- My artwork is priced pretty high-- and I don't know if it will sell in all markets.  So I am curious-- how do the vendors do at FLARF?

The electricity charges are so high-- and limited to only 15-20 amps, and it is Florida for gawd's sake-- doesn't it get hot there?  No AC?  I'm a little concerned about my dogs staying in the camper without the AC.

Is there someone OFF SITE that has camping for Rennies?

Pragmatism sucks-- but it is a fact of life.

There are least a few RV parks close to Quiet Waters Park.

Here's a google maps search I did for you.

I've done the show since 2001...not a bad show. always a money maker. the electric is high no doubt. I don't know any faires I go to that allow ac anyway so, I've become adjusted to it.

The Scotsquatch:
When we used to do that show working for someone else, we used the AC anyway because of the dogs and cat.  For what they charged, I was gonna be god-darned to let my pups!  But we had a brand new Carrier Air-V that drew very little amps considering, and we only ran it when the faire was open and we were away, or when it was VERY hot outside when we were home.

Outside campgrounds are nicer and then you don't have to worry, and for what FLARF charges for electric, its not much more that is the best route all in all.

As far as high priced, if you want to make a living and do well at faires like this, you need to come up with some cheaper low ticket items, like reprints...even if they are poor quality reprints or small reprints on postcards or greeting cards.  People will buy them if your work is good, and then you can at least pay your bills from the low ticket items, while the big sales are gravy.  I'm probably preaching to the choir and you probably already know this...but if you are new to this, take my advice and figure out a way to sell cheap 10 dollar-20 dollar items that will sell fast and quick while you are waiting for the big sales.  In your case, reproductions, prints, reprints, cards, etc.  Get creative...have your original work put on silly things like coffee mugs or even t-shirts.  It doesn't debase your work or infringe on artistic allows you to eat and pay!


I totally agree.
btw....HI KEV! hope to see you at GARF


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