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Help!!! Identity Crisis!!

Started by Saoirse_Anam, July 22, 2008, 03:36:17 PM

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I've been to faire five times, and it never occured to me until recently to make myself a persona!! I guess I always thought only the actors and people working there could have alter-egos ??? I don't know what sort of station in life my garb will allow, other than the generalization of peasant. Green chemise with layered skirt, tan tapestry bodice that comes to a point, belt with the basic accoutrements, and well-worn black boots. If anybody could help me out with ideas, that would be great!!
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Lady Elizabeth

Huzzah for research? I thought your boots were brown... oh well. I think my faire fever is coming back. I put on my old garb and danced around the kitchen. I can't wait!

anne of oaktower

Don't despair, can be anyone you want to be.   You can be a gypsy, a pirate, a pub wench (after you turn 21, of course), or anything in between.  Wish you were a noble but do not have the funds for such garb yet?  Run with what you've got.  You can be a young princess who ran away from home.  Say you are the eighth daughter of "So-n-So", and realized that by the time your parents make good matches for your older siblings, you will have little chance of ever sitting on a throne someday.  Besides, castle life was too stuffy and boring for you...there was always someone telling you to put your shoes back on - sit like a lady - mind your manners - focus on your lessons - and eat your vegetables.  (LOL!)  You just couldn't bear it for another minute, so you left to go home with a visiting cousin one summer and just never went back home.

Great thing about a story like that is that it allows for lots of change in your persona in the future.  You can become whatever you want.  And if you decide you want to be a noble, you can just say that you went back home to take your rightful place in the family once more.

Good luck and have fun!
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I choose parts of my real life and made a story about it, to make my persona, and it woked very well for me. It also allows me change from being a lady to a gupsy, and then I can retun to my castel. I`am able to use either garb that i want and not lose the charcter that I play. Also I have heard that some people get ideas from real history and history movies, or a book . Try out some of those charcters on for size, and see if they fit you, and what you want to be. I thing is that you can be anyone you want. So the question is who do you want to be. If you could be anyone you wanted, and where would have lived, and what would you have done. Who would be your relatives, and your mom and dad, and so on. The story you make up is your to make up so make something you really want to be.