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Looking for a modern renaissance song for wedding "first dance"

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I'm getting married in a little over a year and we're going with a medieval/renaissance theme. I'm hoping to find a nice modern song for the first dance that goes with the theme. I'm looking for something with castle imagery or knights, etc. Does anyone have suggestions? I love Blackmore's Night, but haven't found any songs by them that have clicked as a "right" first dance song yet. Our first choice now is "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. But I want to be sure I'm not missing one. Open to any and all ideas! Thanks much!

Lady Renee Buchanan:
It doesn't have a knight or castle theme, but Beggars to God is a lovely song.  Jessie Linder (Jock Stewart at the Bristol RF) has the song on one of his CDs, but I'm sure others have recorded it.

Morgan Dreadlocke:
A pair of Moody Blues songs come to mind-
"For My Lady", a soft rock ballad and "Are You Sitting Comfortably", which has a most definite slow etherical medieval theme.

There are a number of Loreena McKennitt songs that might be good.  They don't really evoke images of castles and knights, but you might still like them.  Another possible choice is Andre Rieu.  He and his orchestra have a lot of songs which were intended to be romantic.
On the more modern front, Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is one of my personal favourites, as is "My Only Love" from (of all things) the Sailor Moon soundtrack.  :)

Poldugarian Warrior:
I too thought of Blackmore's Night right away. I ask this question though. What do you wish your wedding party guests to be feeling and doing at the beginning or start of your reception/party as the first dance goes on. Do you want to get them riled up for a full night of revelry or sort of start out slow with a love song of sorts? This should influence your choice of song a bit. How's about these:

The Who "Join Together"

Styx "Lady"

Joe Cocker "You Are So Beautiful"

Blackmore's Night "Cartouche" sounds upbeat, but not sure if lyrical content appropriate for a wedding unless it is Wiccan. It's a good song though other wise.
Mr. Peagram's Morris and Sword is a good instrumental.
All For One is rockin and it'll get evryone to their feet.

I don't have too many soft listening albums, these are as soft as I get, unless I get my classical cds or Celtic or faire.

Hope these help a little, let us all know what you did pick.


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