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Hi All!!!

So we lost the thread that gave lovely sites for period and peri-oid camping things that would make your life better if you had it.

In fact I have put in for a Canopy bed that comes apart for camping!

Anyone else have a great site for making your home away from home better?


There are so many lovely things here that I don't know where to begin.
I have been also thinking that if I get a double bell wedge tent or a really large Viking wedge and instead of a bed I might get this:
I can wrap the metal frame with cord and the hammock would be more HA for a pirate/sailor.

Lord Dragonspyre:

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Dear God Almighty darlin', I love you for that website!

You are welcome kind sir!  I look at the site and drool regularly.



I found this site for my new brazier for the SCA and Faire to keep warm. I will get it soon but I wanted you all to see this great place!!



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