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Directions to the faire in Ohio?


Princess Shady:

 I have never been to a faire - my boss has told me about them and is quite active in the ones close to Ohio. (Tim & Robin Cooney)
 I need directions from Sparta Ohio to the one off of I-95 for this Sunday.
We would very much like to check it all out ![/color][/font]

anne of oaktower:
Greetings, Princess Shady.  I'm afraid I cannot help you with the directions, but I can tell you that if you direct this question to our fellow rennies in the ORF section (under the Midwest heading), you are sure to get an answer in no time. 

Good Luck and welcome to your new addiction!

Quiet One:
I-95 doesn't run through Ohio.  Are you thinking of the one in Geneva on route 534 off of I-90?

From Sparta (north of Columbus, right?)
I-71 North to I-271 North to I-90 East to exit 218 (route 534) turn right (South) go 7 miles and it's on your right.  2 1/2 - 3 hours depending on how you drive.


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