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I just read about a new fair called the NY Capital District Renaissance Festival. Looks like it's a one-weekend event to start, and is happening just west of Albany. Anyone know anything about it - who's running it, etc.?

YES YES YES  PLEASE MORE.  I was born and grew up in Albany and I would love to
attend a faire there.

Hey Chuck, long time. Keep us up to date as much as you can, but i will keeep
checking their website out also.

Bob of the Lake:
The little I know about this faire is that it is brand new and being organized by a NYRF cast/staff vet who also helped in the start-up of the Oregon Renaissance Festival last year. It looks like some other NYRF cast members will also involved but I don't know to what extent. Their Facebook page has some info:

Looked up the address for the faire and it is well known to me.  Not far out of Albany
which makes it easy to get to.   On the way to the Altamont fair grounds.  With enough support it should do great.  I wish I could help out.


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