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New York Capital District Renaissance Festival

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I wonder if it'll be worth the drive for those of us from southern parts; it's roughly two hours north of NYRF.

Hell  I live in Alabama and if I have the money I will make the trip. You only get one chance to make a first ever event.

Just bought our tickets for Saturday. Anyone else going?

Anyone make it out today? We were there for the second half of the day. Overall, a good start to a fair.

Good things:

* They brought in shows like Vixen En Garde and Three Pints Shy, who are always fun.
* Joust was good. Not really a huge fan of over-the-top jousts like at NYRF, so this was a nice change.
* Food tent and other signage felt professional, like one of the larger fairs.
Less good things:

* A 12oz beer/cider was $8 (!!) and you could only drink in a designated area. Boo.
* Layout felt a bit chaotic and disorganized.
Obviously these are all little complaints and are to be expected given that it was the first day. But it was overall a pretty good time, and I'm hoping they grow to be even bigger.

Unfortunately, I just saw the post about this Renfest.  Does anyone know the 2015 dates yet so I can add them to my website?


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