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Renaissance/Medieval/Fantasy Photo-shoot, May 17th


Hey everybody!  Long time no see.  I don't hang around the forums as much as I used to, but I figured I'd check them today, and it reminded me that I should put a shout out up here to anyone who might be interested that I am hosting a very informal medieval/fantasy themed photo shoot at Castlewood Canyon State Park on Saturday, May 17th.  We would love anyone and everyone to come out for this if they have a costume they want good photos of, OR if they are a photographer and would like to shoot some cool images of costumed people in a beautiful setting.

At the moment I am especially hoping I can entice some photographers out.  I know there are several very talented photographers who frequent these forums, and I'd love to see one or two (or more!) of you at the shoot!

Below is the facebook event for it.  If you would like to go, please click "attending," or at least "maybe" on the event page so you can get any further information and/or updates about it!




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