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Hey! Was checking for Les Amis ticket prices and saw the new website! Very nice!

Yeah!!  I like the new look!  I noticed they are bringing back the Musical Blades - huzzah!!

SLRF has another website now using the same template as KCRF (http://www.stlrenfest.com/).  It's still under construction.
I just want to say SLRF again.  SLRF.  :o

Wait, is that SLRF?  It looks like KCRF; are you sure that's SLRF?

There are definitely photos from KCRF on the pages.  Maybe they should do a quick photo submission contest for new images. :)  The name appears to have officially changed from the "Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire" to the "St. Louis Renaissance Festival."  According to the http://www.renstl.org/content.php webpage, Mid-America Festivals is producing it this year (like KC and presumably the others with that particular webpage template).


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