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St. Louis Ren Fest needs a Countdown thread!

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24 days till opening cannon in Petit Lyon!

19 days till opening cannon in Petit Lyon!

My schedule for the St Louis RF is going to be limited to 7 June, and possibly 8 June this year.  Huzzah!

Purchased my gold season pass, am now an official member of the Les Amis de Lyon! Huzzah! Interested to see what the other member events are throughout the year. Also, entertainment has yet to be posted for the website, does anyone know what's lined up for this year? I assume the bellydancers, of course.

3 Pints Gone, a musical trio, and a VERY crowd friendly act!  See them!  Also see Crazy Boy Coy (fire and acrobatics!), The Musical Blades (fun pirate musical group), Pirates Inc (another fun pirate musical group), Corsets and Codpieces! They're HILARIOUS!  The joust is cool too.  Take time to see the gathering when the King and Queen listen to grievances being aired (I don't remember what they formally call this) but it is completely unscripted and usually pretty good.  My son and I will be there on Sat the 7th.  I think we'll be kilted up this year, to show our kilts to 3 Pints Gone!

Have fun!


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