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Pardon the interruption.. Patron camping questions


My wife, son, and I travel quite a bit when we can and are enthusiastic campers having created a nearly self sufficient and easy to deploy and use campsite out of our truck and while we have attended events in the past we have never attended one while "on the road" as it were and wondered if there is a concrete policy on allowing/refusing patrons to camp at events or should the promoters be contacted directly on a case by case basis?

We are trying to enjoy and share as much of the continent as possible as well as the people upon it with our son and as you can imagine camping has not only allowed us to travel further, help enlighten our son, but has also allowed us to strengthen our family. Thanks in advance for your advice and guidance.

The Whitlows

Our humble little camper in it's "deployed" footprint.

Definitely check with each event.  There is no one policy about camping availability.

Some faires have camping areas; some might be free (used to be more of them); others are for pay and only with purchase of a faire ticket for each person in vehicle.

Some faires might allow overnight camping in their parking lot, but others close the area, removing all vehicles by a certain time each day.


--- Quote from: PollyPoPo on April 25, 2014, 04:21:31 PM ---Definitely check with each event.  There is no one policy about camping availability...
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Thank you for the reply, one thing I forgot to ask is how do patrons fit in? I know from reading here that some people like to try to keep the magic alive as it were back in their campsite and I know that we would feel bad if we were in the middle of someones period site that they worked so hard to establish with our modern campsite sucking the fun out of their event.

The Whitlows

Again, each site could be different.

You might want to scan through the individual faire categories on this site, or use the search feature to look for camping.  There have been many discussions on camping under the various categories.

I know the ones around here offer cheap camping for volunteers and staff, but not patrons. There are a couple where off site camping is available, but I don't know if it is available thru the faire. it is definitely worth checking with the faire and seeing if they have arrangements you can make thru them, or if they've worked out a discount deal with any local campgrounds or even motels.


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