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Finally Faire season!


The Tennessee Renaissance Festival starts tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing friends and some nice weather.

This will be my first time to this faire. Any must sees or recommendations? I'm thinking of coming up either the Celtic or pirate weekend.

Happy Faire season again, y'all! I'll be up next weekend (Pirate Invasion)--so far the weather is looking terrible, so send some good vibes my way. It's the only weekend I can make it from Charleston, and I don't want to miss faire. :(

Recommendations: The joust, Buckle and Swash, Empty Hats, Living chess match, and Improv comedy show.
Axel the sot is bawdy not for kids.

Either weekend would be good. Pirate weekend will be rainy. Celtic weekend there is a special guest band. The secret Commonwealth is a local Celtic band.

Thanks for the recommendations. I think we will be making it up this Sunday. Time to get the garb out of the boxes and start preparing!


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