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Robin Hood in CT opens this weekend. Anyone going?

Bob of the Lake:
Yup. Depending on the weather, I'll go either Saturday or Sunday.

Unlikely, but I may be there sunday or monday.

Bob of the Lake:
I went on Sunday and had a great time. They've changed the layout of the grounds to accommodate a new, permanent covered seating and performance area and added some new stages so it took a bit to find where everything was, but once I got my bearings, I had a blast. I'm shooting to go again on Saturday, June 7.

We went yesterday. It was our first time at this fair, so I didn't know that all the extra stages and whatnot were new. I have to say, the Abridged Shakespeare show was the best thing we saw all day; those guys were awesome. I'm not sure if it was because there were fewer people there on Memorial Day or what, but the cast were super nice. We got stopped several times just to chat with people, and the queen came and talked to us for a bit. Lots of fun.


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