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Posted my first photos of the season. https://www.flickr.com/photos/watermark-photo/sets/72157644327975578/
Pictures were taken on Sunday, May 18th. Missed opening day, but intend on being on site most days. I tend to visit the  Les Amis Garden to keep myself hydrated, and I always enjoy meeting fellow R/Fers.
More pictures to follow.

Everything looks so green and lovely!  Thanks for sharing!  Can't wait for your future weekend picture posts - they help me last until I make it out in June.

Thank-you for the photos!  Did ASL Pewter have their tent right across from the stage that 3 Pints Gone plays?  I see that Clearly Guilty was there!  Also glad to see Pirates Inc is there again!  It was cool seeing that shot of AmyJ too!

Hey, Tamtaro, my son and I will be there Saturday the 7th.  Are you planning on being there that day?

Another day at the Faire, another 199 pictures on the web. ;)

Yay Butch!  I'll be out the weekend of the 7th too but haven't yet nailed down which day.  My sister's b-day is on the 7th & I'm hoping she wants to go celebrate - renaissance festival style!


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