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Please feel free to add other events you are planning to attend below! These are events I am personally involved in:

June 13 - 15 - Oxford Renaissance Festival in Woodstock - at the race track . fairgrounds - I'll be continuing my role as Queen Elizabeth, would love to meet other forum members!

June 21 = 22 - FaeryFest - Enchanted Ground in Guelph. Please note that the venue has changed - we are now at Marden Park, not Riverside as we previously were!

August 2, 3, 4th - Pirate Festival in Milton - Country Heritage Park

Hope to see you there!

Hausfrau Monica:
Good morning Your Majesty

I will be returning to Ontario mid-September.....are there possibly any faire events in the fall that I will get a chance to attend?

Hello Monica!

Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo runs on Saturday September 20th. Gates are open 11 - 6pm.

Not sure if we will attend - we'll see if we can manage it!

If you haven't been before, it's a small faire at Waterloo Park, a few stages, some dancing available, and a merchant circle that you can do about 20 times in a day  ;)

That said, I've bought several items at this faire!


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