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anyone see the schedule..a couple of faves are missing

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hi all. i noticed that danny lord and arnold the knifethrower are not on this year's schedule...we really liked these guys..a bit sad.

also, the 3 pint's shy won't be there either. they were great! oh well, times are  always a changing.

we are just thankful that the faire is at least going on!

one new act though is daniel greenwolf..he is very funny. we saw him at mayfaire and the so. ct. faire. we will definitely add him to our list of must sees.

7 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LF

aw man, arnold's not gonna be there? his jokes may have been the same every year, but it was still a good show. sad... :/

though it's nice to see that the glassblower is on there. last year i noticed she either wasn't there, or she hadn't been set up that day.

only a few more days, whoo~

6 more days!

yup, they all kind of do the same old jokes,  but we still love 'em..

i also noticed that there is nothing planned for the greenfield common. nothing...hmm..thinking maybe they turned it into just an eating area?

well, can't wait to see all the changes.

I saw Daniel Greenwolf last year at our little local faire...he was really good. It'll be a blast to see him again.

we like him a lot too. looking foward to that..
5 more days


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