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Looking to go on the rennie road


Hello all!

I am starting the new season, whenever it starts.  Currently, I'm working on a farm in the humid, hot coastal area in Texas, just outside of Edna.  I've decided that it's time for me to move on, as I miss my rennie friends and the camaraderie of faire.  If I don't find a faire to start in July or August somewhere up north, then I will start my journey on the road with Sherwood's Celtic Festival in late September, and hopefully, I'll move onto TRF right after that.

I have bar-backed at Sherwood's last Celtic Festival and 2014 season.  I can provide references.  I am also looking for a trade skill making things.  I have my own travel trailer, which is my home, so I can stay in clan or Participant camping.


I'm moving on from this forum, since there seems to be no activity here and either one or no chatters in the room.  If someone is in need of help, I can be found at Facebook if you put in stephanie.ellison.581 at the end of the facebook address.

Gramercy, but I'm living with a very difficult work-conditions environment.  I don't think I will last this summer.  I really want to get out and get into the rennie circuit full-time.

Keep the faith, girl.  You're taking your shot. 

Sending some strength vibes that your path may be strewn with more flowers and fewer pebbles and rocks.


Looking to go on the rennie road?  See my solicitation for hair model in the help wanted section.  Keep up the faith my dear!  This is the community you want to be with where "family" actually means something.  Not like the mundane world!


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