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Looking For Work at Minnesota
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:50:22 PM »
Hello there! I'm Wren, and I'm looking for work at the 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I'm 26 years old, laid-back, friendly, a hard worker and a quick learner. I have my own vehicle, lots of garb, and can provide references. I have experience in sales, hawking, cash handling, gaming, animal care, child care and children's activities, photography, food service, cleaning, stocking, and hostessing.

This is my first year on the road, but so far I'm getting really good feedback from the people I've worked for/with. I worked the Tampa faire, running the Leaping Lizards game. I also worked the Georgia faire, at first doing hair twisters for Medieval Metal and then as the hostess/server for the hookah lounge. I'll be working the first 6 weeks of Bristol selling jerky (leaving me open for the full run at Minnesota!), and I'll also be working at Louisiana as a sales girl/hawker for StickBow Archery.

Looking for any kind of work, but preferably full time. Feel free to look me up on Facebook (Wren E. Fox) and ask around, or ask me anything. Looking forward to hearing back!


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