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A loss to the Texas Ren community...


Merlin the Elder:
Our first visit to Sherwood Forest Faire in 2011, we were talking with one of the mistresses in one of the shoppes.  I happened to mention that we were from the Little Rock area, and she said her ex was from there. Laughingly, I said, "What's his name? Perhaps I know him." Turns out, he was a childhood friend of mine!  Anyway, her (and my friend's) daughter was also working there, and I met her as well.

This weekend, I saw a posting on FB that the daughter had passed away.  Her name is Heather Wheeler, daughter of Connie Napolitano and George Wheeler.  I doubt that anyone here besides me knows George, but you may know Connie, or have known Heather. I cannot imagine the pain. I would appreciate your sending healing energies to the family.

For those in the Austin area that might have known her, memorial details are here:

Blessed be, Heather.

If you would like to help.


Merlin the Elder:
Thanks, Zaubon.


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