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Sterling Needs Our Help!

Started by NicoleBridget, June 20, 2014, 10:26:01 PM

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Gracious, it's a real emergency!  Fans, playtrons, here:

Donations here if you can:

How can such a big festival be in such a precarious position so close to opening day?  I'm sad.


I saw this posted to FaceBook yesterday, and was hoping it wasn't real...what a huge disappointment it would be to not have Faire this year!

Hoping Sir Douglas or someone else officially connected with Sterling will post here with more information.
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Dorian Mallory

According to their Facebook page, they will definitely be opening in 2 weeks.  The $300k is needed for advertising, food, etc...  If you are on facebook, just check it out there.


I shared this information on my site and facebook page. I wish them well.
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Tazjia Swiftsail

Yes please share around on facebook/other media that we are definitely opening. I have been part of the volunteer effort to clean the place up and it is looking better than it has in years and this last minute financial crisis is a real thorn in our side. But the main point is that it is opening and we need to have a great opening which means people coming in! Spread the word that people who weren't sure it was opening and planned not to come should know that they definitely should come!!! Bring the kids/whole family!!! Fun for all!!
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