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Any news on 2015 RenDezvous?

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Just wondering if there has been any decision on the 2015 RenDezvous. Or has the event sort of run it's course/lost interest?

Yes please!  Any scoop for where/when next year?

Merlin the Elder:
I'm listening... Bristol perhaps? Haven't done one up north in a while. I know none of the last five have been in the north.

Rowan MacD:
    Bristol sounds great...I've never been-maybe I can get hubby interested in a one time road trip.

 We don't have any other faires going on at that time, but all depends on his health.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Due to health reasons, I am not able to organize a RenDezvous at Bristol.  If there are any other Bristolians who would be willing to do so, we would attend.


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