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Hair Model Wanted - Multiple Ren. Faires
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:19:21 AM »
Well established  Hair Wrap exhibitor seeks hair model for entire run of MIRF, and Carolina RF.   Also need hair model during Labor Day Weekend @ Maryland R.F.

This is the very easiest job on the Ren. Faire Circuit!  Seriously!

Sit in front of a mirror while we demonstrate our hand made Elizabethan Beaded Hair Wraps in the models hair.  Total demonstration usually takes about one minute.  NO ONE other than the owner/manager will EVER touch the model.  We ALWAYS cleanse our hands with industrial strength hand cleaner before touching any one.

Hair length - prefer longish/thickish/light colorish non layered hair.  Curly??  No problem.  High lighted streaking a definite plus.  Age/race unimportant.  If under 18, we'll need to speak with your parents before proceeding.  Very good personal hygiene and a Rennie costume are required.  Please no visible tattoos or multiple piercings.  Prefer non smoker.

This is a very visible position.  Those that are uncomfortable around strangers or "tender headed" would likely not do well here.  Kindly note that we never allow photography of the model unless she gives her specific permission to take a snap shot.  That having been said.....know that the local news programs/travel magazines, etc. have featured us/the model numerous times over the years.

There will be literally hours throughout the day that you'll have nothing to do as we will be applying our wares in patrons hair.  Want to see a show?  No problem.  Need a break?  The entire work day is a break!

Us?  Pirates on show days - bad jokes - loud - salty - improper use of the English language - slightly insulting.  In other words - LOTS of fun!  I play A LOT of music on show days - especially if pipe/drum/rock the band Tartanic is at the Faire!

You?  Feel welcome to develop your own "show character" or sign in as First Mate of the crew!  Our display is often the center of attention wherever we go!

Can provide transportation between MIRF and Maryland R.F. as well as between MIRF and Carolina R.F. if needed.

You do not have to deal with patrons, handle the cash box, demonstrate the technique, or sell.  If you would like to learn however.....know that we have never used a Manager who first didn't start out as a model.   Our TRF manager this season is handling two locations - and started as a model @ Scarbie R.F.!  If you want to practice the technique - no problem.  We can send you home with a loaner mannequin head/hair between weekends.  It usually takes about 3-4 hours of practice to learn the technique.

We also exhibit at large Rodeos, motorcycle shows, air shows, and craft events.

There is NO BRAIDING!!!! Our product works exactly the same way a rubber band does. 

I told you this would be easy!

Cash paid plus 100% of tips go to model.  The "tip jar" is prominently placed directly in front of where the client sits with a sign indicating "Tips Greatly Appreciated".  We always ring the cow bell and make a "huzzah the lady tipper" big fuss when folks tip.

Please understand that we can not use folks who call in sick, don't show up on time, or are constantly on the telephone.  Unfortunately - we only have two days per week to conduct business and we need a full crew from opening canon to close.

Kindly send snap shot of your head/hair plus costume picture (if available) to:

K. Kollman

Call 775-560-6875 M-F 1000 - 1400 p.s.t. if you've got any other questions that we can answer for you.

Thanks so very much!

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Re: Hair Model Wanted - Multiple Ren. Faires
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