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Good Day, one and All!

M'lord and I are excited to be able to visit your shire this autumn!  We have reservations for October 18 & 19th, and are driving down from Ontario Canada. We'll be dressed in nobles, and looking forward to exploring your festival!

We have a few questions, that we hope the locals can answer!

What time is a good time to plan to arrive?  I know some faires have long lines, and some faires have a "best" vantage point, and we want to have the best time possible! We like to see the opening gate show, and usually stay until close. Is there knowledge to help us get through the ticketing lines in good time?

What is "not to miss" at your faire? We visit lots of faires, and I personally enjoy the court, and interactions, storyline advancement through the day. Is there a show you see again and again, because you love it so much?

We are also looking for things to do en route - our route takes us through New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia (taking the 79), and would love suggestions of things to do! We'd love a great zoo, or something fun, not so much into the historical sites. We plan to take a few extra days for travel to make this into a vacation, not just a quick drive in, see the faire, and drive like mad to get home. That said, we don't want to spend a fortune!

Thanks in advance!

Merlin the Elder:
Molden makes a great host, along with his lovely Lady Mikayla.  You might message them here or on the Book of Faces. They did an awesome job of hosting the RenDezvous a couple years ago.

Pharmar Greybeard & Maria:
Happy to welcome you to the Carolinas.  While our faire does not have a storyline. We do have some fun court interaction.
We have some good musical acts. I enjoy visiting the minstrel's roost immediately after the gates open for a musical improv featuring many of the performers. You will also find the Rambling Sailors performing there later. We also have some visiting musical groups.  Some comedy shows that always entertain,  Zilch the tory steller (spoonerisms with a mandolin), Hey Nunnie Nunnie (two devilously funny women in habits), and the Village Washer Wenchs (three very naughty well endowed women in corsets singing songs). We also have Barely Balanced and the Nauty nauticals.
Not far from the faire there is a fun zoo called the Lazy 5 ranch.  It is not large but you get to interact with the animals.
We have Carowinds amusement park on the S. Carolina border. It's a little pricey.
Hope you enjoy your trip. Looking forward to seeing you.

Like that some use Fair time as vacation time and travel down via other tourist activities.  Sounds like a fun lifestyle.

What are some themed weekends to visit the fair? 

I'll be just missing you, Orphena! We'll be driving up from Charleston (on the SC coast) the weekend before.

The line shouldn't be that bad, but I'd still recommend getting there by opening gate at 10am. Opening weekend tends to be the worst for lines (especially since they've decided to offer BOGO tickets too!) so you'll miss that issue. The parking area is rather large, so if you arrive later be prepared for a walk. You'll be there BrewFest weekend, so lots of fancy microbrews for you and milord to try. There is no special faire-only currency like there is at some other faires, so your cash will spend just fine.

Pharmar had some good show suggestions. I also like the falconry demonstration (Sky Kings I think) every year.

I don't know of anything to do in the area since I travel about 3 hours to get to faire, but Charlotte's a pretty large metro area so there will be lots to do. We always use faire as excuse to go to Ikea as well. Can't pass up those meatballs! :P

I think you'll have a great time, and we're glad to have you. :)


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