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Thanks for all the replies!

We have booked a wagon ride at the lazy 5 ranch, thanks for the suggestion!

It looks like hotels in WV might be scarce en route, due to Bridgefest. I think we have a few options, so here is hoping!

We will definately plan to be early - before 10am, since we prefer a shorter walk - and if it means a longer wait to exit, well, that just means we get to make more friends in the parking lot!  I know that in Michigan the "regulars" hold an impromptu tailgate beginning at 8:30 already, but we are not thinking of arriving quite that early for this fest, as we really don't know anyone! 

If we are there by 9:30, will that give us a decent parking space, and let us purchase tickets? Or are many people early?

Oh - and please please tell me that there is mead! Best pub? shortest lines? Help me RFers!

I'll be wearing my RF pin all weekend! Hope to spot you!

Orphena - if you haven't gotten your hotel yet, drop me a note on here and I can help you out.  I work at a hotel that is just a few miles from the Festival and I like to take care of my friends on here.


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