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Bristol 2014 - When will you be there?

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Lady Renee Buchanan:
It's always fun to meet up with other RF members at faire.  I thought if everyone knew when others were going,  they could keep a lookout.

We will attend the following Sundays.  July 13 and 27.  Then August 10, 17, and 24.  We always wear our forum pins, and can usually be found at the music shows or the FoF garden.  Depending on the heat, sometimes strolling the lanes.  Hope to see/meet many of you!

Sir Ironhead:
I'm planning on Labor Day weekend.

August 2, and as much of Labor Day weekend as I will still have tickets for.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I will be there this coming weekend (July 19/20)

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted:
The former Earl of Olmsted, now Pirate Phil and I will be  at Bristol come Sunday, 17 August.


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