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Hello everyone!

I've just accepted a job at a booth at NYRF and I'm so insanely excited- this will be my first time working at a faire. I've got my garb, got my tent and plenty of sunscreen. Are there any veterans out there who can give me any suggestions or hints?

I cannot wait- I've been wanting to work at a festival since I was a kid!

Thanks and see you in two weeks!

Bob of the Lake:
Welcome to the forums, Hallie. I'll be at NYRF all season helping out as a Guardian of Sterling but have no boothie experience. What booth will you be working at?

Merlin the Elder:
Welcome, Hallie!  Good luck with your booth job! Bob of the Lake is one of the nicest guys I've never met, but as of a couple weeks ago, we have new reasons to visit NYRF and meet BobO in person. My Brooklyn-based son has taken a bride and her two children who would LOVE to go to faire!

I'm excited for you, for my son, for my new family members... Hell, I'm just excited! You must forgive me...

Bob of the Lake:
Yeah, Merlin, for having never met, we get along pretty well. ;) And I look forward to seeing you, Nim and your family at NYRF soon -- you have plenty of good reasons to visit now!

I'll be at the Mask Maker shop across from the Green Common. So excited! :)

Bob of the Lake, I look forward to meeting you! Merlin, congratulations to your son and your family!


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