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Started by Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury, July 23, 2014, 05:29:14 PM

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Paul Blackpowder

Almost everybody sleeps inside. You can get here any time after 1100. In garb. It gives visitors a kick, and good for photo ops. Site will be dry until 1700. Then the mundanes leave, and there is a rush for sleeping spots. You will enjoy.


Quote from: Dragonlord on November 05, 2014, 10:10:17 AM
And do most people sleep in the castle or camp outside?

Many moons ago, Tinker turned me on to the idea of camping inside the van in the parking lot. Just a mattress in the back, some bedding and an electric blanket makes for decent night, even if it is very cold outside. There is an outdoor electric outlet at the far end of the parking lot. You would just need to bring a couple extension cords if you plan to do this. We have also thrown a coffee maker in the van and started brewing early for the limited outdoor campers—which keeps us from waking up the indoor crowd too early.

All this being said...we wont be able to make it this time.  :'(

Have fun to all that can make the trip. See you in the spring.

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Also add Danny please.
I'm unsure if I am staying the night
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Please add myself and lady claddagh to the list (Chad and Jackie)

Captain Itchy Scratchy

Pleas add my wife Sara, my sister in law Anna Klimczewski. Thank you  :)
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Paul Blackpowder

I anm adding Jesse Peacock to the list at this time

Paul Blackpowder

I am also most pleased to add Lady Krissie to the list


Please put me down as a maybe.
I just had more surgery on Thursday and am really hurting.
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The Phoenix

Sadly, my 3 will not attend. I shall hope for the spring festivities. Have a good time for us.


Paul Blackpowder

Look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Sir Jim & Lady Helen

Put Jim and Helen down as maybe.  Depends on how Cher is feeling.
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Ride Penny

Spin Penny
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Sir Samuel

I will be there around noon on Saturday. I have one Guest a newbie Ms. Kathy has been to the Castle several times but has yet to experience a Castleteers Event
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Raelyn Fey

I'm hoping to attend next year. It was too short notice and low on funds this time. I've never been, so I'm excited =)

Paul Blackpowder

To give you a heads up, We are scheduled for Mar 28, 2015.