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The list of acts that are going on are up. Problem is, two of my favorite performances, Dextre Trippe and Jayna Lee won't be there. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can see instead? I go with my friend's sister who is 11, and what we see has to be appropriate for her too.

Yeah, it looks like Dextre and Jayna are taking Circus Stella to Pennsylvania for the whole PARF season this year. It'll be weird not having them around.

As far as family friendly entertainment, have you seen Arsene Dupin? He's pretty funny, just don't be late to his show! He punishes latecomers. Hey Nunnie Nunnie would also be appropriate I think, and of course Stuart and Arnold. The Vixens En Garde are technically rated PG-13 but most of the bawdier stuff in their acts tends to be double entendre, so it really comes down to what people feel comfortable with I guess? Lots of 'that's what she said' and the like.

There's a lot of new acts this year, so unfortunately I can't weigh in on any of those, but with performers in the lanes and the storyline performances (even if we don't catch all of them we like to at least take in a chess match and a joust) I'm sure you'll have a nice full day. =)

Thanks Koshiba! Arsene Dupin is one of my favorites, the first time I saw him, I was checking when Dextre Trippe was on, and he bullied us into coming for the show. It was great! The new acts look pretty good, and apparently they added another stage.

I saw them mention the new stage, no idea where they've put it. It looks like there's also a new barbarian encampment back near the chessboard, so that'll be something to check out. One more week till opening! =D

Bob of the Lake:
Yes, lots of new acts this year so it should be interesting. The new stage will be located behind the camel rides near the little bridge that crosses the creek there. It's the area that was formerly the petting zoo if any of you are old-timers.  ;) I understand it will be called "The Fortune Stage."

As Koshiba says, the Barbarian Encampment will be in the open area across the bridge just past the chessboard. It's near the entrance to the performer's campground.

Looking forward to Opening next week -- Huzzah!


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