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Started by BrotherThomas, July 26, 2008, 03:36:05 PM

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Hello all!

So, I have an established persona, but wanted something new for at least one weekend at Faire.

I have a Franciscan Friar's habit and would like to use it once (My main costume, this year, is my Cardinal's vestments.)

So here is my request: I want something exciting--not just Thomas got his call from God and became a Friar. Something exciting and fun and dangerous, but with a sincere calling (as in, ONLY joined the monastery because he got a princess preggers or something like that.)

Nothing (I don't think) is too outlandish...suggest away!

Deus Caritas Est,

Brother Thomas


Hmm... could try the "lost love" angle.
The love of your life got killed,stolen from you, left you, cheated on on,causing you to renounce love and pleasures of the flesh..?
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Frances Walsingham doing some spying in cognito? Who says the one in the habit actually has to be a monk, right?  ;)


Depending on the era, read "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco.  Lots of background on the continental affairs of the clergy during the early 1300's, if I remember correctly.  It is a good place from which to start.
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Maybe you're trying to avoid a horrendous arranged marriage to an extremely ugly and/or crazy woman.  (You can, perhaps, find someone to dress up as an extremely ugly and/or crazy woman that follows you around, lovestruck) :)


You're  not in the least bit religious nor feel a "calling" to the clergy. You are a power hungry man and know that the church is the true ruler of the land. Because of your lack of morals and willingness to do what ever it takes, you've managed to bribe, blackmail, or murder your way to a position of power within the church.

Sometimes it's fun to play the villain.
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Perhaps you are Ludovica Da Bologna, The Patriarch of  Antioch, trying to rally the west to crusade against the turk.

Or, you could be the friear to a band of mercenaries...carry a sword, Be a metalurgist casting cannon....

Friars and priests played many roles and as previously mentioned, held alot of power....

Good luck
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You can say you are not REALLY clergy, but a Pirate/Thief/Rogue who stole the vestments.
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