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M'lord and I usually stay in hotels when we attend festivals, but in the last year or so, we've started camping to keep costs down. We attend a variety of festivals in moderate driving distance from Ontario. While there are times when I like a little privacy, there are also times when sitting around a fire with like minded individuals and building memories seems very appealing.

My question is this - if staying in a public campground, where you suspect other rennies may also be staying - is there some "common" thing to do in order to recognize rennies? Do you just intersperse "Huzzah" as often as possible as sort of an obvious hint? Do you wear pieces of your garb well into the evening? Is there a code word or secret handshake? :P

Second question - If meeting rennies for a campfire - do you dress in camping clothes, or do you have some sort of rennie-ish outfit you wear?

Thanks in advance from a planning freak.

I can't reply to the question about camping in public campgrounds.  The faires that I go to have campgrounds connected.

I will sometimes wear mundane, street clothes in the evening and other times I'll just wear comfortable garb.  It depends on my mood and the weather.  On a cold night it is nice to wrap up in my heavy cloak but on really warm evenings street clothes are more comfortable.

Same here:  all the campgrounds I go to for the Renn Faire are at the Renn Faire.  I do have "morning" and "evening" wear for those - My green fleece spanish surcote is a wonderful robe when running to the privy in the morning.  :-)  However, at a regular campground, I would suspect that you'd see other people leaving the campground in full garb or see things like fairy bumper stickers or other "nerd" related geek on the car itself. 

Thanks for your replies!

I've decided to make us a banner - heraldic style of shield (fabric) with some symbolic images painted on.

If anyone is interested, I'll post a pic once it's done!

Hoping to fly it proudly at our camping excursion in Michigan on Labour Day!

Always meant to run into you sometime in the Michigan faire, but now alas I'm in Kansas.


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