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Need help with Human Chess script

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Our small local faire has finally decided to try and add a human chess match.  I used to attend BARF when I lived in Florida and have always enjoyed theirs and think it would be a fantastic addition this year. Since I was the only person who had seen a match in person (Not YouTube, etc) I volunteered to head up the human chess match committee. It also helps that I know our local sword fighting troupe so I have at least some actors who can fight to help out.

What I'm finding, though, is that I have still horrid at chess.  I know the pieces and mechanics, but can't seem to put together a script of moves that keeps things exciting.  Mainly, not having too many moves without at least two pieces fight.  Here's my best move script that I've come up with, but I feel after this I'm stuck.  Does anyone have better suggestions on moves? Changes? Your own scrips?  ;D

Some things to note: the Knights will be SCA heavy armor fighters and will not have a choreographed fight, just a whoever wins, wins thing. This is why I have a knight fight a knight. The bishops will be priests. The plan for this fight is to be fun and a little goofy (Splashing holy water, on each other, saying prayers, etc. until the game master takes them both of the board.  The end of the event will be with one of the colors cheating and causing a full "brawl" between the two teams. This means it doesn't necessarily have to end in a check mate scenario.

1: White move E2 to E 4
2: Black Move E7 to E5
3: White Move G1 to F3
4: Black Move B8 to C6
5: White Move F3to E5 (Knight Fights Pawn - Knight Wins)
6: Black Moves C6 to E5 (Knight fights Knight - Win is irrelevent)
7: White Move B2 to B4
8: Black Move D7 to D6
9: White Move F1 to C4
10: Black Move C8 to E6
11: White C4 to E6 (Bishop Fights Bishop - Both lose)
12: Black C7 to C5
13: White B4 to C5 (Pawn Vs Pawn - White wins)
14: Black D6 to C 5 (Pawn VS Pawn - Black Wins **Send in a second for white who just fought)

Since it's easier to visualize, I've created an album of the moves.

(The last couple moves a pawn disappears, don't worry about that, I just made an error while I was doing the pics.)

Thank you for any suggestions / help / advice that you might have!


The only way I was ever able to figure out how to plan Battle Chess was to copy the moves from a famous chess game. /nothelpful

I will venture forth with my opinion, after which will be followed by many hoots, hollers and derision.  I have been to many a human chess match and I am struck by one common theme,
OH GOD ANOTHER FIGHT.  IMHO There should be one fight and that at the end to determine the winner. In the middle a lot of humor.  The fight between the bishops is a good idea as it does not require clearing the board to provide room.  If you have one as a Protestant Bishop and the other Catholic, I am sure that someone can come up with many one-liners that would be appropriate.  As to the rest let your imagination run wild.

Rowan MacD:
  All I can see in my mind was the History of the World Part I-'Knight jumps Queen! LOL.
Wrong century, right idea.

Merlin the Elder:

--- Quote from: Rowen MacD on August 06, 2014, 10:42:34 AM ---  All I can see in my mind was the History of the World Part I-'Knight jumps Queen! LOL.
Wrong century, right idea.

--- End quote ---

Naughty girl! Funny!  :D


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