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Kings Happy Hour, Pub Crawl, Feast, etc. questions


Greeting MiRF's. I've been to your fair just a couple times and have not yet participated in the Kings Happy Hour, Pub Crawl or Feast of Fantasy. Has anyone in our RF.com family attended these events and could you share your experience and opinions of whether they are worth the time or cost. Thanks in advance!


I did the queen's tea last year. Enjoyable, but geared more towards ladies.

max and kate:
Can't help you there, never participated in those events.

looks like this will be a fun fair to attend.  Going middle of september. 

For those that will read this topic - we watched the pub crawl, and it seems fairly intense.

1 hour, 4 pubs, 4 beers. Drink fast, and don't expect to have time to enjoy your entire beer before the group is off again!

You do get a ceramic mug (I think it was closer to coffee mug size, though - many people had plastic cups sticking out of theirs)


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