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Toua Taru:
I just found out about the International Wenches Guild over the weekend and thinking about joining.

Just a couple of questions about it:
In regards to my rank would I be a Tart since I'm a new to IWG or different title since I've been attending Faire for quite a few years?
And what is the Florida or FLaRF Local?


Rowan MacD:
   Welcome to the IWG! Have you ordered your pin and card yet?  You would be in Local #21.
   You may have noticed that the board over there is pretty dead.
   If I remember rightly, you will find definitions (rank, rose colors, the Little Brown Book, etc.) on the info threads.
   Also when you make your profile, they define how many faires you have attended to qualify for what 'rank' (Hussy, Tart, Jade,etc.).  But really, if you have attended faire for one season, you pretty much already earned the highest rank that is less than Madame, which is an elected position.
  I don't know that there is a lot of info about wench gatherings, walks and stuff anymore.  They may have switched to Facebook.

Toua Taru:
Thanks, no I haven't joined just yet...couldn't while I was at work.

I was on their Facebook earlier and it seemed pretty dead as well. I think I'll join anyways lol.

It sounds like I register with the forum first and then I register on the Lundegaard area?


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