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anyone know a good hotel to stay at after a day at fair? I am coming up from VA and dont want a long drive home after a day of fun. would like a hotel that is used to fair goers who arrive in costume.....

Greetings Fairylady... There are a number of hotels very near the Faire but only two I would recommend. The Hampton Inn is directly across the street from the Faire. It is a bit pricey and could be booked solid for the weekends due to patrons going to the Faire. About 10 minutes south of the Faire on Route 72 is the Lancaster Inn and Suites. When I stay overnight, I go east on the Pa Turnpike (right next to the Faire) to the Lancaster-Reading exit (about a 20 minute drive). There are a number of inexpensive to moderate priced lodgings there. Do a search on "Hotels Denver PA". Also visit the PaRenFaire website for info and possible discount tickets (see link below). September weather can be warm to delightful. October weather can be nice to chilly (particularly in the evening for the Finale in Song). Bring a cloak or even a blanket. Hope you have a most wondrous time on the Shire......  Felix the Bubble Wright

The Hampton is nice but very expensive during faire season. I was very tired last year and decided to stay for the night even though I only have a 1 1/2 hr ride back to the Philly area to my home. It cost more for a couple hrs sleep than it cost all day at the faire for two people and we ate like wolves and drank like fish. With that said, there are less expensive places to stay once you get a few miles from the faire. None of them are going to be very affordable though, just a bit cheaper. The surrounding area also has heavy tourist travel this time of year for the Amish quilts and furniture. 

I always stayed at the Hampton as they usually ran the Book Early And Save special.  Basically you had to make a non-refundable reservation a fair bit in advance but the rate was very reasonable.

It looks like they stopped offering that discount during Faire Weekends now. I tried booking a room for October a couple of months ago but the special rate was gone (and is still gone)

I ended up booking a room at the Hilton Garden Inn up in Lebanon. Not a super far drive really but the price was very nice.

The Hampton Inn is nice.  I stayed there last October.  Free breakfast and you can walk the faire.  And no one looks at you sideways for wearing a "costume".



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