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Mlle de Carcassonne:
Does anyone know where to get discount tickets? On their site it seems that the online price is 18.95, plus a fee. But can you get them any cheaper at Kroger? And which Kroger? I am in Kentucky.

Kroger store finder below...for one near you or along the way.


I would call the store to check but, I think you can avoid the "online fee" that extremetix tacks on.

See you at the faire! Huzzah!


Occasionally you can get a good deal on tickets from a radio station but I haven't seen any yet this year.

On a side note, has anyone seen/heard any advertising for the festival? I haven't heard/seen any commercials for the fest this year.

Wendy's! Coupon worth $3 off or $1. off for your little ones.

Two for one deal (2 tickets for $20) on http://wtvn.wtvndeals.com/ and http://wnci.wncideals.com/

The tickets on WNCI go on sale Thursday morning at 9:30 and WTVN go on sale Friday at 8:20 am.


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